MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: Engage with the World’s Leading and largest Healthcare System; the national health service.

The NHS offers huge potential for innovative medical devices as it is the world’s largest healthcare provider, a growing market with world-class resources, academic institutions, and through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), a clinical research infrastructure designed to prove technologies work.

The NHS was recently voted as the best compared to: US / Switzerland / Sweden / France / Germany / Netherlands / Canada / New Zealand / Norway / Australia.

The National Health Service

Treating almost 1 million patients a day the NHS is a mature organization with an established supply chain, and a strong appetite for clinical research and the adoption of medical innovations.

5th largest employer
in the world

£11.5M spent on
clinical research
every day

£25BN spent on goods
and services
every year

61M+ potential

1M patients
treated every
36 hours


200+ Clinical
Groups (CCGs)

152 Acute Trusts
84 Foundation Trusts)

54 Mental Health
Trusts (including
42 Foundation Trusts)

7,454 GP practices

10 Ambulance

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