IMPROVING PATIENT OUTCOMES: Our access to NHS Digital's Healthcare Data information

At Device Access, our core objectives are to improve patient treatments, outcomes and experiences through faster introduction, adoption and diffusion of breakthrough, safe, effective and cost-efficient medical and diagnostic technologies into the National Health Service (NHS).

Device Access UK has access to health data information under licence from NHS Digital. NHS Digital has a record of all hospital admissions and outcomes, and they provide this to us every month.


What does Device Access UK do with this health data information?

This information is only processed by us for the purposes of understanding current patient treatment pathways and these insights helps to see how new technologies could improve outcomes for patients. We are a NICE approved Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META Tool®) facilitator, and help the NHS, researchers and developers of new technologies understand where improvements in outcomes can be made.

Can Device Access UK identify individuals?

The information we get from our licence with NHS Digital is pseudonymised and non-identifiable; this means individuals cannot be identified from the data we receive.

How is the health data information held, processed, provided and destroyed?

We never give anyone outside Device Access UK direct access to unprocessed data from NHS Digital, rather we aggregate it at a National or organizational (NHS Hospital) level. The data is held securely under NHS Information Governance Toolkit standards and is destroyed appropriately when required.

What have been the patient benefits of our work by using health data information?

The benefits of this analysis help Medical Device and Diagnostic Technology companies provide insights to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and NHS Hospitals by demonstrating the potential impact, adoption and diffusion of new and novel treatments.

Fully compliant
with Information
Governance rules

24 NICE approvals
to date


Our work has resulted in over 24 NICE reviews and approvals of new Medical technologies. These new treatments and therapies have been introduced, for the benefit of NHS patients every day.

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