OUR SERVICES: help you identify and link the principles of Market Access - benefits to patients, care providers & payers for accelerated access

NHS Reimbursement & Coding Analysis

Reimbursement Analysis helps you understand NHS payment flows; the amount of funding made from the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to the hospitals for episodes of care based on the diagnosis and treatments NHS patients receive. We can also provide private insured sector coding analysis.

Patient Pathway Analysis through NHS Patient database

Through licensed access to NHS Digital’s database, we can analyse exactly where and how your technology would benefit patients, hospitals and payers in the NHS. We do this by examining the ICD10 diagnostic, OPCS treatment and HRG payment codes and provide bespoke analysis to help you build a Market Access strategy and value proposition for NICE*

Introduction to National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE

We can arrange a confidential informal meeting with NICE to discuss the various evaluation programs and evidence requirements needed for a successful NICE evaluation.


Through our access to the NICE META Tool® online portal, we can help you understand the evidence needed to show your products are clinically and cost effective to satisfy NHS payer requirements.

Introduction to the National Institute For Health Research - NIHR

We can introduce you to the fastest and simplest way of conducting clinical research and help you form partnerships and collaborations with specialist centres interested in evaluating your technology through the NHS’s own research organisation.

Research Funding

We help our clients benefit from NHS Research grant funding, which could help fund research on your technology, from early product development to evaluative research including large-scale, pragmatic clinical trials.

NHS Business Plans

We provide bespoke documentation outlining the benefits and effects of adopting your technology into NHS hospitals. Our NHS Business Plan service will support you and your clinicians to expedite decision-making processes in hospitals.

Early Stage Economic Evaluation

We can work with you at an early stage in your product life-cycle to complete a preliminary health economic assessment.

Health Economics

Our team are experienced in a variety of health economics modelling techniques suitable for products seeking to submit to all NICE Medical Technology Guidance programmes.

Application Development

We can develop user-friendly tools to assist your management, marketing, and business functions

Health Technology Assessment

We provide health economic support for a variety of health technology assessments.


Our team have experience in all stages of the academic publication process.

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